​​​​​​Our work in the community

We enjoy the many opportunities to connect with schools.

Local schools

As gardening has now been included in the curriculum for 9 - 14 year olds, BHS has been working with four local primary schools. We learn from each other at brief facilitated meetings where ideas and contacts are exchanged. The Society's children's schedule and a special competition arrangement enable some focused growing and project work in the classroom which is then presented in our shows.  

We also support gardening in schools through our involvement with the Epsom College community scheme which offers volunteer assistance both in the classroom and in gardening practice.

We are grateful for the energy and enthusiasm

shown by the school staff who put in their own time to ensure that learners' work is enjoyed at our shows and that we in turn can enjoy the vibrant energy that children's creativity brings.

The Society liaises with Banstead Community Junior School, Shawley Community Primary School, St Anne's Catholic Primary School and Epsom Downs Primary School and Children's Centre.

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Epsom College community


We have negotiated a limited number of places on this scheme to assist some of our members who need help in the garden. Students volunteer an hour per week over two terms to help with gardening projects for members who are able to supervise unskilled safe garden work. 


The Royal Horticultural Society

The National Vegetable Society

The Surrey Horticultural Federation


Links with other horticultural societies

We offer membership so that other Societies can join us whilst keeping their own unique identity and membership benefits. In this way we learn from each other and benefit from the differences.

We are delighted to welcome to our shows

the North Surrey Cactus and Succulent Society

Croydon and District Orchid Society

The Alpine Garden Society


Banstead Horticultural Society

Growing together in  Banstead

Our community friends

We enjoy the many opportunities to connect with other local communities which share our love of gardening.

Banstead Arts Festival

Since 2012 we have enjoyed being part of the Banstead Arts festival when we have hold our open evening and welcome members of the public. It is great fun to join in such a worthy event.


We include all allotment gardeners in the district. We have excellent long standing links with the Tattenham Way Allotment and Gardens Association.

Winkworth Woodland community Project

A group of local residents have joined together to upgrade and manage a corner of natural woodland at the end of Bolters Lane, Banstead. With advice from a wildlife specialist they have begun a programme of clearance and planting to improive this area and make it accessible. 

Residents have planted spring bulbs such as snowdrops, daffodils and native bluebells and have introduced young saplings.

      Well-being and disability

Gardening is often associated with fitness and a healthy lifestyle. It is also used therapeutically to help individuals recover or manage mental or physical difficulties. Our daytime meetings provide an ideal opportunity to learn more from specialist workers and  raise funds in support. 

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We also take part in local events 

The Society takes part in various local events including Banstead Village Day.